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Pennville Custom Cabinetry was built on a strong foundation that has helped us endure the test of time. These core values have allowed the Pennville team to remain focused for over 50 years.      


1) Never compromise on materials or construction techniques. Instead, educate all of our stakeholders, so they understand the benefits of extraordinary woodworking.
2) Share the comfort of small town kindness while conveying our professionalism, progressive design, and uncompromising quality.
3) Allow our customers the security of having their orders checked by a highly skilled, intelligent and cooperative group that is as good with their hearts as they are with their hands and minds.
4) Create customer satisfaction with easy to order handcrafted, unique cabinetry that installs beautifully and will last for generations.
5) While using wood, our greatest renewable natural resource, leave as small a footprint on our environment as possible for a better world for our children and grandchildren.

Here is a video explaining a little more about us

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