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What hope there is for us lies in our nascent arts, for if we are to be remembered as more than a mass of people who lived and fought wars and died, it is for our arts that we will be remembered.

-Maxwell Anderson


The Pennville legacy began in 1917, when my grandfather, Nathan C. Goldman, created Ohio's largest electrical distributor on his bicycle. In 1956, Edgar Mertz promised his wife that he would build her a kitchen, if only she would let him buy a $47 table saw. Shortly after my grandfather passed away, The Commercial Electric Company, under the leadership of my father, Stanford C. Goldman, purchased Edgar's cabinet shop.


Having earned a Harvard MBA, Stanford C. Goldman grew the company by moving its location from Pennville, IN to Portland, IN; quadrupled the square footage of the manufacturing facility; added a professional marketing campaign; and created a management and production team that, to this day, boasts an average seniority of over 10 years of Pennville experience.


My father continued the family tradition . . . At the age of five, I first walked through the factory and fell in love at first sight.  Although I had never imagined a career anywhere else, much to my surprise, my father announced in 1990 that I would take over his position as President of Pennville Custom Cabinetry. At the age of 24, I embraced that challenge.


Over the past years, our high-end custom cabinets have been featured in some of the most beautiful homes throughout the country. We have turned into a state-of-the-art facility with a dynamic, young management team. Our cabinetmakers are proficient with both chisels, and also sophisticated computer numeric controlled equipment.


While our competitors may find buying their parts to be cost-effective, we have transformed cabinetry into a new level of art. Using our own tools, our cabinetmakers have created virtually every wood product, ranging from custom turnings and unique door styles to our signature furniture pieces in our high-tech 60,000 square foot facility. We continue to stain by hand as well as wax our panel doors and cabinetry the way the artisans of my grandfather's era perfected.


Many cabinetmakers confidently say "I can do what Pennville can," even though it may be an item that they have never attempted to build before. The truth is: they cannot do what we do. Excellence in this industry is not simply being "handy." It is a matter of constructing the intricate cabinets, finishes, and accessories over and over, with a relentless pursuit of improvement . . . and then discussing them, in detail, at weekly management meetings until every Pennville craftsperson agrees that each item in our catalogue is extraordinary. 


Our commitment is to ensure that your fine cabinets are functional, unique, and stellar.  


We look forward to being a special part of your home,


Mark S. Goldman

Mark S Goldman

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